This site will undergo a few substantial changes in due time. Until everything has been worked out this placeholder will have to do.

For the time being, or for good, the photoblog has been moved over to Flickr. Please check out my photos there.

Prints for sale can be found in my online store at fineartamerica.

I occasionally tweet about photo related things, gluten-free food, and g-d knows what else. Check out my Twitter stream.

Then there is also my facebook page, something I'm still trying to get a hang of and last but not least Pinterest.


The showmaker has no shoes.

The development time for my new photo site turns out to be much longer than anticipated for different reasons.

It will happen.



- My Gear -

Gear can be fun and addictive. Below is listed what I use at this time.

- About Me -

Times change and so do favorite pastimes and other activities. I love to take photos, however, my desire to schlep a whole camera system has somewhat diminished over time. While I love to take long walks, I do not always carry my DSLR with me. Some (most) days it’s just too much hassle. In stepped my iPhone, my companion wherever I am. Having added a new camera system to the mix changed things yet again. The Fujifilm X-E1 is light, easy to carry, has excellent image quality and is a joy to use; now it has the X-T1 as a companion. Fujinon lenses are among the best. Did I mention they look great as well?

- Professional Live -

While photograpy is my passion, my professional life is also something I'm passionate about. I work as a freelance webdeveloper specializing in WordPress driven websites. HTML5/CSS3, PHP, WordPress theme creation, WordPress theme modifications are the things I do on a day to day basis.

Services I offer are: WordPress installations, theme creation/modification, website maintenance, tech consulting. More information will be available on my business site No R Productions.