About fokuspoint

About fokuspoint

yep - that's me... or is it?My photo blog reinvented. Times change and so do favorite pastimes and other activities. I still love to take photos, my desire to schlep a whole camera system has diminished over time. While I love to take long walks, I do not always carry my dSLR with me. Some (most) days it’s just too much hassle. In stepped my iPhone, my companion wherever I am. Having added a new camera system to the mix changed things yet again. The Fujifilm X-E1 is light, easy to carry, has excellent image quality and is a joy to use. Fujinon lenses are among the best. Did I mention it looks great as well?

While I was on the task of re-designing and streamlining the photo blog I decided to start new. All photos previous to 2012 have been removed. A new version is on the horizon which will sport a slightly different look and responsive design. Not quite ready yet.

Photos available for print can be seen on my print gallery page.

this is fokuspointIn the meantime enjoy the photos and come back soon. And while you are here, why not subscribe to my Subscribe to my RSS feed RSS feed.

I appreciate all the comments made on my photos, I read all of them. Even if I don’t email you back I will definitively visit your blog and most likely comment back.

If you need to contact me, please comment on a photo.

JPG Magazine Issue 16, 2008, On the go, p. 84/85
Marsu voi hyvin by Arja Linnavuori – a Finnish book about guinea pigs. ISBN 952-99471-2-7.


Unless otherwise noted, all photos and content are © 2014 by Sabine Konhäuser (fokuspoint). If you want to download photos strictly for personal use you can do so. Please, save them to your hard drive and don’t link back to my web space. Should you want photographs for any other purpose, please contact me before you take them. Photographs from this website may not be reproduced, manipulated, or used in derivative work without my written permission.


Mirrorless: Fujifilm X-E1
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DSLR: Olympus e-510

Digital (Mobile): iPhone 5S

Other Accessories:
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Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, VSCO Film (LR presets), Nik Collection

Hardware: all things Mac