A Visit to the US Botanical Garden

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A Visit to the US Botanical Garden

February 2, 2014

A Visit to the US Botanical Garden

Today I visited the botanical garden in DC. If you like to photograph flowers this is the place to go. It’s so much fun.

I like to restrict myself to one lens. This helps me to get to know the particular lens real well, how it performs in certain situations. It also means that I may come home with zero usable shots.

Today was Lensbaby + Sweet 35 day. I wasn’t quite sure if I like this optic or not. Kind of like a love/hate relationship. I did not use any accessories like macro converters.

As it turns out, today I loved this combo and in turn the Sweet 35 loved the plants and blossoms. It produced really nice out of focus areas with some interesting highlights. Interesting in a good way. I also made some photos in the outside garden area which turned out to be nice as well. Later I tried a couple shots of the Capitol with the reflecting pool in front of it and those shots I did not like. The gray sky did not help, but still… for me this optic is not what I will be using for shooting landmarks, landscapes etc.

A different photo (and different blossom) can be seen in my Flickr Stream.

Another thing I realized today, I really like manual focus lenses. Even hand held and without a tripod. Who would have thought.

VSCO Film Preset: Velvia 100F Landscape

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