The Capitol Christmas Tree

Today was a beautiful day. It was not too cold, the temperatures a bit above freezing point, and sunny with some clouds. Later in the day the wind picked up and it turned out to be quite nippy. Still fun to be outside making photos, especially with a new camera.

This photo was made from the back side of the Capitol building, facing The Mall. To the left the impressive Capitol Christmas Tree. I bet it looks awesome at night when illuminated. If you follow the line from the tree to the Washington Monument you see the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial (that’s the dude on the horse). To the left of the Washington Monument is a castle like structure, which is the Smithsonian Institution. The Washington Monument is still closed for repairs due to an earthquake on August 23, 2011, hence the not so decorative scaffolding.

VSCO Film Preset: Fuji 160C (what could be more appropriate).

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